Commitment to tourism sustainability BIOSPHERE
The Wax Museum is working to renew, for the second year, the certification of the Biosphere Commitment to Tourism Sustainability, a program that includes a list of good practices in sustainable management of tourism companies and its recognition through a certification for development. of sustainable tourism from a comprehensive perspective and collective work.
Aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable tourism development, the Barcelona Wax Museum is committed to carrying out sustainable management of its activities, by adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of our facilities and activities, both internal and external, as well as optimizing the sustainability of the establishment by improving its behavior with the environment.
In that same sense, our entity has adopted the following Responsible Tourism Policy, through which it undertakes to comply with the requirements established in the adhesion to the Commitment to Biosphere tourism sustainability, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by tourist activity.
We are also committed to promoting good environmental practices in the environment and participating in external activities, and to report both internally and externally on the company's environmental progress and actions. One of our main objectives is to perfect sustainable management, assuming commitments to improvement. continues in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction.